Monday, August 30, 2010

Sincerely, Cecelia

I have just done my first guest post! I was so excited when Sincerely, Cecelia asked me to do a guest post about what's on my nightstand, and she asked me right as I was leaving for Greece! Since I hate my nightstands in Atlanta, I thought it would be fun to go international and do a post about my nightstand in Athens (yes, it has integrated lights.) Check it out!!!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Proper Fit

Yesterday I had the pleasure of being introduced to the newest collection of fittings, lighting, and tile at Waterworks, the Henry & Grove Brickworks. This new collection to me is a breath of fresh air for Waterworks and it really bridges a gap for them for fittings and fixtures with a transitional flair. I was a virgin to the Waterworks showroom---I know I know, after 7 years with Mark you would think that I would have been there before, but all that was rectified yesterday. What I love about this collection, is it draws it's inspiration from the "industrial age thinking." This collection has a very modern foundation, a departure from a lot of the Waterworks product that tends to be more traditional in nature. "Straightforward but not over-simplified, Henry and Grove are intelligent elements in modern settings. Functional composition and construction speak to the fittings' core aesthetic; the brickworks' surfaces and hues create a strong minimalist canvas that's a statement in itself."

One thing I love about this collection are the finishes and colors. The Grove bricks are available in all the shades of blue and gray that I am just madly in love with right now. Henry comes in chrome, nickel, but my favorite is the unlacquered brass, which is guaranteed to age and patina beautifully. There is a sample of the unlacquered brass in the showroom that has been there for a couple of weeks and the aging process has already begun, I will be checking back to see how it continues to oxidize. To view the collection at Waterworks you can visit their Atlanta showroom at the intersection of W. Paces Ferry Road/Roswell Road/Peachtree Street.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Back to School

Back in April I gave you a sneak preview of a new freshman housing building I was working on for Armstrong Atlantic State University (see here...). Well finally it is finished and it is lovely! We were thrilled to partner again with HADP Architecture and University Housing Services for this project and I hope the students love it (and don't beat it up too badly!) I was thrilled to work with Corporate Environments and my girl Tracy and luckily I was able to use some great product. It's much nicer then what I lived in that is for sure!

Photos by Lauren Rubenstein

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I'm back!

I am back and I have hit the ground running. I am in a marathon between now and the end of the year so hold on tight! The calendar is littered with installations, photo shoots, and all sorts of fun things so get ready! I could do a long post about Greece and how amazing and fabulous it was but I think I will save that and instead insert those little bits of beauty to bring sanity to the next few months. Instead here are some photos to give you a taste.