Thursday, November 24, 2011

Kai Lin Shop

HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!! It's that time of year, and with looming deadlines that have me a bit panic stricken, I am happy to say I have most of my Christmas Shopping done. For those of you that don't, tomorrow marks the official countdown--but let me remind you that it's not all about Black Friday or Cyber Monday, there is now SMALL BUSINESS SATURDAY, which personally I feel is much more important. That being said, let me introduce you to Kai Lin Shop! The brainchild of my darling friend Yu Kai Lin of Kai Lin Gallery, Kai Lin Shop has a fabulous assortment of great, handmade items by talented artists, everything from toys and jewelry and of course beautiful pieces of art.

I asked Yu Kai what inspired him to open up Kai Lin Shop, here is is response:

I opened KAI LIN SHOP because I saw a need for us to expand our brand and gallery to include local artisans that worked in a medium beyond 2D. There are so many talented local artists that need a space to show their unique work and a sell their hand-crafted products.

I selected the items in the shop much like we select items in the gallery. We curate the space thoughtfully so that each designer and artisan has a dedicated space to exhibit their product.

Here are some of my favorites:

Jarno Kettunen, a chic fashion illustrator from Finland who creates art using make up and has illustrated many fashion shows from the top designers from Dior to Chanel. Personally I have the one on the far right, it is an illustration of a Comme des Garcons piece, and I call her my cotton candy drag queen (not the hair.)

Mr Soggs Creatures made by an artist named Joelle Medici from Tennessee. Her fun whimsical plush dolls are adorable! I am thinking of these little guys for a friend who just had a baby and one who is preggo--super cute shower gift!

Alex Leopold, a Nashville artist who creates beautiful resin pieces of illustrated and animal imagery. I love these.

Mike Lowery who is a professor at SCAD of Illustration and his pieces are quirky, light-hearted, and child-like.

Viva Greetings which is a local greeting card, wrapping paper, t-shirts and toymaker who makes really great products. So you can walk out of there with a card and wrap it all up too! He has thought of everything...besides, who doesn't love a greeting card in Spanish. I know I do!

The gallery and shop have items that range in price from $2-$250 so you can really find something for everyone. The shop hours are the same as the gallery hours, Tuesday through Friday 10-6pm and Saturday 11-6pm. They are also open by appointment.

The gallery and shop is located in the heart of Buckhead Atlanta at 3096 Roswell Rd NE Atlanta GA 30305 - 404-408-4248. There is free parking behind the gallery off Early Street across from Pearson's Wine. So drive past the mall and when you finish up at Yu Kai's hit up some of my other favorite places to shop, all while avoiding the mall madness!

Ready for more after you hit up Kai Lin? Try these other favorite places for more Holiday Happiness (all within walking distance of the shop, btw):

Lush Life: Beautiful store for great flower arrangements, fab books and gifts. Great Mother/Sister-In-Law or Hostess Gifts--or Niki gifts.

Mitchell Gold+Bob Williams: Great home accessories, art, books, candles, pillows, frames, throw pillows, perfect for anyone who has a new home/condo/apartment and needs a little style. Ask for Hayley, she's amazing.

Sage: Fab woman's boutique with great clothes, jewelry, bags, all around awesome for any female you need to shop for.

Pieces: A.m.a.z.i.n.g. home boutique, Lee is a doll and you will just want to lick everything in there.

And when you are all done, go get yourself a cupcake from Piece of Cake, because you deserve it.

The moral of the story is shop local, shop smart and shop small businesses! They need our support and the stuff you'll get from them is going to be way cooler then anything you find at the mall.


Penny Mena said...

Nice shop! I like the idea for Kai Lin Shop, especially greeting cards, cute ones .

Yummy Scrumptious said...

They have some really fabulous stuff! Great holiday gift ideas!

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Linda @ theLENNOXX said...

I'm loving your blog!! And yes, I definitely love to support smaller businesses, that's where you get the best stuff that nobody has seen before =)

xox Linda

FB GS Maci Izle said...

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Limestone veneer said...

Kai Lin shop is really worth to visit. I found many interesting products ranging between $5-$200. Have a look at them!

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Things That Inspire said...

Looks like a great shop - I know exactly where it is, and have plans to visit the new Circa space, so will visit this shop too!

Cleaning up my blog roll - wondering if you are going to continue on this blog adventure? I will keep you on just in case!

I hope all is well-

- Holly

Shena - Split-Site PhD said...

I didn’t even know there was a Small Business Saturday! Where has this been my whole life? I love the fashion designs. Your shop is so full of the cutest little things.

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Shahi@Courses for TEFL said...

Your shop is so amazing and all products are awesome. I'm so sad to visit this too late. Hope to see your new goods soon.

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