Sunday, May 31, 2009

Going through the Paces

In my constant quest to change up my fitness routine I stumbled upon The Pace Club. It's a personal training style type club which might be the most beautiful gym I have ever seen. I would be way too scared to sweat in this place, but it is really fabulous. I mean, the place is littered with iconic furniture pieces by Florance Knoll, Charles & Ray Eames, and Eero Saarinen. I mean really, when I work out, I need loud angry music and I need to not be afraid to get the place dirty. I can only imagine some hot swiss guy running around behind me with Windex.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Super Fun!

This was a clubroom Mark and I designed for the Somerly Apartment building here in Atlanta. It turned out so cute and so fresh that I just love it! I think my favorite part might be the giant lime green chesterfield sofa. I mean hello! But the color combination, to me, just feels so bright and fresh and almost a little mid-century. All the white and walnut tones with punches of lime and turquoise, I am just really happy with how it turned out!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Yummy Union Jack

I just found these awesome chairs covered in vintage flags. They are from Dan Marty Designs out of LaLa Land and I am just loving the whole store, but mostly I am head over heels for these chairs! I think they are so YUMMY! I want 10 covered in the Greek flag for my dining room!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Photo Shoots...

I have said many times that photo shoots are one of my favorite things to do, for sure it is my favorite part of a project. But there is a lot that goes into them in order to get a set of great photos. On my end it means shopping trips to the florist, grocery store, and various other places for props. A million trips back and forth from the car carrying everything I just bought. And lots of coffee or some other caffeinated beverage. That's just the styling end, the photographer has a whole different list of things they have to do to prepare. Anyway, I thought I would give you a little behind the scenes look at what goes on at a photo shoot! You will be able to see the end result in Trends Ideas Magazine: Kitchens sometime late this Summer!

Typical set up, camera, lights, laptop...

Really cool camera, I have no idea what kind it is but I am sure it cost more then my life...

Mark and the crew reviewing shots

Lots of lights, wires and trip hazards for people like me!

Various vases, plants, props, and random stuff from all over.

Hi Mark!

This is Chauncy, he likes to play!

Mark trying to get Chauncy to move out of the shot...

Thursday, May 21, 2009


So a few months ago I submitted something to ASID's Icon Magazine and they published it! So excited! Anyway, ASID stands for the American Society of Interior Designers and it is a fantastic organization. I am so glad to be a part of it and I love how they are always acknowledging their actual members instead of just "big name" designers. Thanks ASID!

To quote myself (because it's so tiny you can't read it...scanners suck...)
"I LOVE WALLPAPER and use it as often as possible in my designs. From something as simple as silk in a master bedroom to add warmth and depth, to a whimsical bubble patter in the laundry room of a dorm building, the patterns and textures of wall coverings have come a long way in recent years."

Regarding the AMAZING print from Flavor Paper, I said....
"Flavor Paper products are brilliant. Their patterns are fun and sassy and their color schemes are fantastic; some are detailed and ornate, while others are just fun."

The pattern above is beautiful print from Flavor Paper called Kashmiri, color: Stone and it was designed by Tibi for Flavor Paper. Check our their website to see some of their really awesome patters, including one that is scratch and sniff (that's right, scratch and sniff!)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Whatever, Whenever

So I finally made my way down to the new, beautiful W Hotel Downtown. I think I am still a bit undecided how I feel about it. I was invited to a party at Wet Bar which is on the 16th floor, pool level. First of all, Bliss Spa is located on that floor, so when I walked off the elevator I was enveloped by this amazing spa smell so I was automatically in a fantastic mood. Wet Bar was lovely, very cute, very fresh with amazing views of downtown Atlanta. I think my only issue with the whole Wet Bar/Pool configuration, is the fact that you really can't layout. Because the pool is on the 16th floor, there is a roof over it and so you wouldn't really get much sun. That makes me sad.

After the party I went back downstairs and took a closer look at the lobby. I love the whole enchanted forest idea, but I feel like it wasn't executed fully. I wish they had been a little bit more literal. Anyway, I do give whoever did it props because it is very lovely. The space is not as large as one would imagine but the volume of the space is really amazing. I love whatever it is falling from the ceiling (birds, leaves, or whatever.) One thing I am not crazy about is the mix of metals. Chrome, bronze, brushed aluminum, none of those really say "enchanted forest" to me. I would have loved to see more bronze, aged bronze, you know, a little bit crunchy. However, I am crazy about the entrance, these big green "reeds" as if you are finding your way through the forest. Anyway, here are some photos, let me know what you think.

Exterior with the signature "W"

Hotel Entrance, Love it .

Living Room Lounge, I think it's an Enchanted Forest.

Birds or Leaves or something going on in the Enchanted Forest

Wet, Hotel Pool on the 16th Floor

Wet Bar (awesome 3-Form panels!)

Wet Bar Lounge with a beautiful view of Atlanta

Saturday, May 16, 2009


Love them or upset by them?

*Philippe Stark Gun floor lamp available through FLOS

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Simple and Stylish

I love using products for photo shoots. Pelligrino bottles are just so pretty and have such a great label on them! Their signature red star is brilliant. Simple things like this make me happy and I get so excited when they work in the shoot! You'll have to check out TRENDS Magazine to see the final product!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Pitcher Plants

I had never seen this really beautiful flower before ever. When I was over at my favorite flower place picking up a few things for a photo shoot I discovered these North American Pitcher Plants! Who knew?!?! Their tube like shape reminded me of some type of Lily but my favorite florist told me that they are actually carnivorous and trap insects! I am fascinated with them right now! What are your thoughts?

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Oooooo Baby!

One of my dearest friends just had a baby (Congratulations Yiota!) and I started to think about what is out there in terms of attractive, modern, baby furniture. I have always been the youngest out of all of my friends, yet I was the one who got married first. They have all beat me to the punch as far as kids are concerned (which I am totally OK with!) But after going to shower after shower and seeing the same things over and over in major market retailers I started to become a bit concerned. Obviously first and foremost would be safety and quality, that goes without saying. Originally when I looked at some of the major market retailers I was a bit disappointed. Everything looked like some sort of sleigh bed, but when I started looking deeper I found some really beautiful things! I am now all about Posh Tots ( I mean as if the name wasn't enough but they also have a contemporary section!) and All Modern Baby. I found some really fabulous cribs that I would love to have in a nursery one day (one day FAR FAR in the future!) Anyway, I want my future kid to be stylish, I mean who doesn't, and if you lay their soft little heads to sleep in any of these cribs it's almost a guarantee!Oeuf Crib (also available with a birch finish)

DucDuc Alex Crib (decal optional, also available in orange)

DucDuc Morgan Crib (a little more transitional)

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

"So, what does your house look like?"

As a designer this is a question we get all the time, really, all the time. Well my house is not even close to being "done" I am only 25 and I do not have the funds, time, energy, patience, etc to get my house looking the way I imagine it will one day. But I am totally OK with that. I feel like a home is made that way over time. I feel like it's important to collect, save and splurge, it's like a good wardrobe, it comes together piece by piece. Sometimes if you do it all at once and aren't careful it will be too trendy, too current, and look too shiny and new. Mark has taken the time to cultivate the design of his home and it has turned out beautiful. It is a collection that has taken years to establish, full of mid-century flair, family antiques, Italian modernism and just things he loves (including some awesome artwork!) His place is really a testament to his ability and sense of style. So, here is where one of Atlanta's "Top 10 Under 40" kicks off his shoes and lets his hair down. Enjoy!