Friday, July 29, 2011

Knoll Nail Polish-Pull It Together People!

Ok people, I am wondering if you don't understand the gravity of this situation. Knoll Textiles, as in Florence Knoll, an in Womb Chair, Barcelona, Bertoia happiness, has come up with the most brilliant marketing campaign, nail polish in colors from their fabric collection. You cannot buy it. You cannot request it. Once it's gone it is gone. The red is amazing (going to get my toes done with it today) you can no longer get it. Now you have a chance to get their second edition, Cato Pink. All you have to do is go HERE and leave a comment telling me what you think their next nail polish color should be. Right now we have one entry, I find that a little disappointing. PULL IT TOGETHER PEOPLE!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Knoll Nail Polish - 2nd Coat

Congratulations on turning 50 Cato! The most fabulous (and my personal favorite) fabric is turning 50 and to celebrate KnollTextiles has continued their brilliant nail polish marketing campaign! They were so kind as to offer me a bottle of Cato Pink of my own to give away! Beginning today, tell me (by leaving a comment) what Knoll fabric you would like to see transformed into a fabulous nail polish. I can't guarantee they will do it, but I would LOVE to give them some suggestions for their next round of genius marketing.

So, which KnollTextile would you like to see as a nail polish? I will select a winner on August 1st at random from the people who leave comments. If you don't win with me, you can go to HERE to KnollTextile's facebook page. Like them and participate in their contest! Each week they will give away 10 bottles for the first 10 people to correctly identify whatever fabric image they post, go there for more details.

Happy Polishing!!!