Monday, February 28, 2011

Knoll Nail Polish Giveaway

TODAY IS THE LAST DAY TO ENTER!!! If you want to win your own bottle of limited edition "Knoll Red" from Knoll Textiles, today is the last day to submit your favorite textile to enter the drawing. CLICK HERE!

Friday, February 25, 2011

5 Things I Heart - Emily Amy

Emily Amy is hip. She is the owner/curator of Emily Amy Gallery with an incredible eye for great art that is affordable. Aside from her obvious gift for curating beautiful artwork, she has great eclectic style and a fantastic personality. She is one of the coolest people I know and her list is proof of that. Her positivity is contagious and her sunny disposition make her so fun to be around--here are 5 things make her smile.

#1 Elizabeth and James
A little hipper than most lines that Neiman’s carries and right up my alley. A tad bohemian and even more artsy; a perfect combination. Available at Neiman Marcus.

#2 Okkervil River
Because they recorded their first real album in their friend Brian’s garage...and it sill remains one of the best albums I’ve ever heard. (the title isn’t bad either--it’s called “Don’t Fall in Love with Everyone You See.”

#3 Frank Family Champagne Blanc de Noir
Because any champagne is good, but this one is exceptional. And the tasting notes site aromas of toasted hazelnuts and warm baked bread. Yum. Available through Frank Family Vineyards.

#4 Bibim Bop and Tofu House
I love to head up Buford Highway for dinners that I could never cook myself and this is one of them. Absolutely delicious.

#5 Wonderroot
I must admit, I am a little biased because my boyfriend founded this community arts center several years ago, but it does so much good for Atlanta and its tag-line is “uniting artists and community to inspire positive social change.” Now that’s inspiring.

Next up is the marvelously talented Lauren Rubinstein of Lauren Rubinstein Photography.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

MWDA gets Trend-y again

We are always thrilled when a magazine approaches us about one of our projects, especially a national publication like Trends. Trends magazine has been good to MWDA over the years and featured us several times and when they picked up a kitchen renovation/relocation we completed for some friends we were thrilled. Our clients had a totally wasted sun room and a really tiny kitchen, so we flipped them! Look at the sectional sofa and imagine that being your kitchen...yeah, I know. You can read the article online here!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Knoll Nail Polish Update

So here is the deal, Knoll Textiles, in a brilliant stroke of marketing genius, has come out with nail polish in their signature Knoll Red! It's super fabulous, I know first hand (no pun intended) because I was lucky enough to get a bottle from my super fabulous Knoll Textiles rep! If you want to get your own all you need to do is become a fan of Knoll Textiles on Facebook and then email with your information and your favorite Knoll Textile! If you need help picking one, you can go to Knoll and check out some of their incredible collections. I personally love their Knoll Luxe Collections--specifically the Mohair Prima, it's my favorite! You have to do all of this in like 24 hours because winners will be drawn on Friday 2.18.2011. Get a jump on it and you could have yourself the perfect spring polish!

BUT--I have been fortunate to get my paws on a second bottle. One for me, one for who? It's my second giveaway!!! If you leave me a comment about your favorite Knoll Textile I will do my drawing on March 1st. So, pull it together and let me know what you love from Knoll!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Breaking Knoll News

Hot off the presses aka Facebook: I don't know what the deal is with this, where to get it, how to get it, or anything about it, but I know it exists. I will find out how to get it and it will be on my hands IMMEDIATELY! Yes, I am more excited about it then the Knoll Book, or their super fab/lux Mohair Prima. And now back to your less exciting nail polish.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Make a Splash

Let's discuss back splashes for a moment. HGTV has sufficiently covered the fact that it is an easy and relatively inexpensive (compared to gutting your kitchen) way to update your kitchen. There are zillions of fantastic options made of a million kinds of different materials so your choices can be overwhelming. Some things to consider that might help you make your decision:

1. Size: Playing with scale and using large or small tiles can make a big impact depending on a few factors. Smaller tiles are going to look more lively, even if it is a simple shape/color/material. Something to consider carefully if you are using a very active or modeled counter top material. Larger tiles are going to read in a more singular statement and look a bit more fluid, which, if you have a more modern space will add to that sleek dynamic. Or you could go super large with sheets to back painted glass, which is something I LOVE to do.

Tiny tiles, big impact.

Or go super large with back painted glass sheets (in this case, stripes)

2. Color: Use this to your advantage. If you have a very simple color scheme going on, punch up your space with some color. If you have lime green counter tops (see image)that this opportunity to let your other areas of interest to be the star and go with a neutral, more simpler option for the back splash.

Pop with color on your back splash OR

on your counter tops...BUT NOT BOTH!

3. Maintenance: What does it take to keep your chosen material clean? If you are the type who uses your oven for extra space for your sweaters, you could probably pick something that would be a little less practical then the budding Nigella Lawson, who will no doubt be scrubbing with 409 on a regular basis. If you hate fingerprints, metal tiles or sheets would probably not be the best option for you.

Windex is your best friend and all you need.

Glazed ceramic is easy to clean, with 409, Windex, Fabuloso (my favorite) or whatever.

Friday, February 4, 2011

5 Things I Heart - Lee Kleinhelter

Lee Kleinhelter owns Pieces, one of the coolest stores in Atlanta (I am also thrilled to be in the Top 10 under 40 with her!) Lee has an amazing eye for finding one of a kind, exquisite items and breathing new life into them, in addition to her melt-worthy accessories and off the shelf items. Lee's top 5 things make me want to run out and buy them all just so I can sort of be like her.

I do not own (YET), but it makes me happy and gives me the travel bug...big time. Globe Trotter Cententary Suitcase from J. Crew.

#2: LOVING ANYTHING FURRY & WHITE. Mongolian lamb fur down pillow available at Pieces.

Never thought I'd like, but it's actually fun! Available wherever Dior Makeup is sold.

But if you have kids there's always a mess. Lately I've been loving these multi colored bandanas.
We use them instead of bibs. Yes, he looks like he's about to be in a rodeo, but they are so functional. Perfect for our little dude. Available at J. Crew.

Our Acrylic Block Frames have flown out the door...some of which have ended up in our home. Of course, it's all about the photograph. Available through Pieces.

Up next, the super fly 5 things list from Emily Amy of Emily Amy Gallery!

Thursday, February 3, 2011


This makes me smile. I would smile bigger if there was a cocktail sitting on it.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

We have a WINNER!

Capella, get ready to plant some mint for some cocktails, I am coming over!!! Congratulations, Tina is coming to live with you!