Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Color in the Kitchen

Here are MWDA we try to be really good about photographing our work for our website and portfolio (about to be updated thank God!) I just did an all day shoot with my friend Sarah and documented our latest kitchen renovation. It's a bungalow in VA Highlands and it was done for a lovely couple and their 2 little boys. They wanted it to be light and bright and lovely, different from the once bachelor pad where the room that is now the kitchen was home to a pool table. Don't get me wrong, I love a good game of pool, but this is much prettier to look at.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Quarter of a Century

This is my 100th post, YIPPIEEEE! Today's is short because I am super busy right now yet Mark thinks it's a great time for a "company retreat" so we are all headed to.........DOLLYWOOD!!!!! That's right, we are going to the Doll's house for some good old fashioned family fun, me and 5 homosexuals, it's going to be AMAZING! I am terrified of my looming deadlines but I can't help but be excited! This year marks the 25th Anniversary of Dollywood and there will be plenty of celebrating. Fingers crossed that we will get to meet Mrs. Parton but who knows, full report next week upon our return. MWDA takes Dollywood tonight!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

It's a Timepiece

My husband loves watches. I remember a story where one of our friends said "hey Sandy, I like your watch!" to which he replied "It's not a watch, it's a timepiece." Whatever! I am thinking that I need to get one of these for myself and maybe then I would be on time! Anyway, I think they are so cool and from someone who looks at architectural drawings (and sometimes creates them) on a daily basis, these watches are so clever. The black leather wristband adds to the sleek look and I think some of the sketches rock, for $49 it's a great personal fluff. They are available at the ever popular Supermarket (full of awesome trendy things) and created by May28th.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Interior Architecture

To us here at MWDA, interior architecture is just as important as the furniture in any space. For this project we worked with architecture firm, Lord Aeck & Sargent to renovate an existing apartment building in Midtown Atlanta. We were not able to execute our furniture package on this project, but we were able to do the architectural interiors and finish selections. Using a vibrant color palette, very carefully, we were able to marry ceiling, wall, and floor elements to designate different areas of space and function. From an architectural standpoint we are thrilled with the outcome and so happy to have partnered with L.A.S. again!

photography by Sarah Dorio