Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Experiment gone wrong...

So I had fully planned to document our first show house experience and it just got away from me. I had really good intentions and filling you in along the way but it just didn't happen like I had planned--and neither did our room--all I will say is thank goodness I looked at the November issue of AH&L. But now it is X-Mas House time and I am in the throws of stress, paint, and a $4,000 bicycle. I am literally leaving the office to go paint, that's right, Mark and I are painting our own room...this should make for an interesting afternoon. I am fully committed to our design and I really am excited about it, I am hoping it will turn out as lovely in person as it is in my head, you'll have to let me know. Anyway, here is a teaser of what's going on in our space, and check the Yummy Scrumptious Facebook page and my profile for mobile uploads, I'll try to get in another couple of posts this week so you can see the insanity!

I love myself a sequin!

If I had a bicycle, I would want it to be this one from Hermes.

Friday, October 23, 2009

One year ago

I was walking in the pouring rain and freezing cold. It was day 1 of the Atlanta 3-Day Walk for Breast Cancer. When I decided to sign up it was something that I had been wanting to do for a while. I had every excuse and reason why not to do it in the past and I had simply run out of excuses and reasons. Luckily I had amazing friends by my side and we did it together, all 60 miles of it. From Alpharetta all the way down to the Georgia World Congress Center, we walked all of it. That's really where Bowling for Boobs came from. I needed to raise money for the walk and for my team, Tinky's Titty Trekkers. This years event was such a success I can't get over it. Everyone is having a hard time right now, we all know the economy sucks and everyone has had to tighten up a bit, the last thing I was expecting was for people to want to contribute to charity. But whether it's a good economy or bad, people are still being diagnosed with Cancer. I am without words to express how wonderful this year's event was. There is no way to explain the generosity and support without sounding trite or cliche so I won't try. All I will say is that is was an amazing event, and together we raised $14,000 for Susan G. Komen for the Cure! Thank you to everyone who helped out, who volunteered, who donated, who participated, all I can say is thank you! Today my heart goes out to all of the walkers of this year's 3-Day, they are doing a great thing. If you see them walking this weekend in Atlanta, give them a honk or something for support, I can't tell you how good it makes you feel when you are on mile 13 and feeling like you aren't sure what you got yourself into.

On Day One, It was pouring rain all day and we walked about 22 Miles

Trying to keep our feet dry with plastic bags inside our didn't really help, actually it didn't help at all, our feet were pretty messed up.

Our Tents. Yes I slept in a tent. At least it was a pink tent and you know I had an air mattress! We got to decorate them so we created little driveways our of felt. We also had a sign outside our tent with the list of who we were walking for, in honor or in memory of.

That's me on Day 3...walking down Peachtree. Yes I have flowers over my boobs ;p

At the finish line inside the Georgia World Congress Center.

All of the walkers held up one shoe to honor the survivors as they walked into closing ceremonies, super emotional.

Why I walked.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Bowling for Boobs!

Is back again for round 2! This is the second year I have produced this event and it is happening tonight! It started last year when I decided to do the 3-Day walk for breast cancer and I needed to do some fundraising. I got together with my friend Elaine at Illuminations and we decided that there should be a fundraising event to help support the fight against breast cancer. So many people are affected, Elaine's sister is a survivor and I lost my mother to breast cancer. We knew that we could get Atlanta's Architecture and Design Community to come together and raise money for a great cause while having a great time! I am so excited, we have 50 teams signed up, that is $10,000 going directly to Susan G. Komen for the Cure! I have the most amazing raffle items, I am keeping my fingers crossed that we sell tons and tons of raffle tickets! It's going to be a great time for a great cause, thank you in advance to all of our awesome sponsors for helping to make this fundraiser possible and our fantastic participants for their support! This is one of Atlanta's most fun A&D events and I can't wait for tonight!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Olivia the Ostrich

Ahhhh the magic of DIFFA and the lengths we go to ensure our tables are fabulous. This year's example, Olivia the Ostrich. I had my heart set on some sort of carousel animal, I called every single antique dealer within a 50 mile radius looking for one. And then I stumbled upon this ostrich, she so wasn't what I was looking for, at least not in her current state. She was metallic lavender with metallic teal feathers and covered in sequins. Don't get me wrong, I love myself a sequin but it just wasn't working for me. The only way I was going to want her was if I could paint her. SO WE DID!!! Olivia is now hot pink and amazing! Totally the talk of the table, everyone thinks she's hilarious and she is the reason people seem to like our table, she is the unexpected surprise! This table ended up taking on a much more light hearted feeling then I had originally anticipated, so because of that I couldn't use the awesome artwork I had borrowed, but I feel like Olivia more then made up for it! Take a look at our "Concrete Circus" table!

This is Olivia before her
Raspberry Sorbet Spray Paint Make-Over

MWDA Team & Olivia, we heart her!

I also must say a huge thank you to all of the companies & people who helped with our table this year. Bradley Hughes for making our giant table, Pierce Martin for the Bar stools, Tecnosedia for the Seat Cushions, Gloriosa Design for the Drapes, Brian Patrick Flynn & Armour & Co. for their Jonathon Adler Animals, & Stray Dog Designs for the paper mache happiness!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


I FINALLY HAVE MY LIFE BACK! The NCIDQ is over, keeping my fingers crossed that I passed! I honestly don't even want to think about it, strike that...I don't have time to think about it because MWDA is slammed with fun things going on this fall! First up is DIFFA, Design Industries Foundation Fighting Aids, one of my favorite events and so much fun to be a part of. This event has come so quickly and seemingly out of no where, I have just been so busy studying that it totally got away from me. But today (4 days before I have to install) Mark & I finally nailed down the concept. The table we are designing is for the tent rental company, Tents Unlimited so we decided to play on that idea of a circus tent...take a look at the components below and let me know what you think...