Thursday, February 4, 2010

E Bella Designs

I am so excited to share a new product line that was just brought to my office. It isn't available anywhere right of the Mississippi yet but I am crossing my fingers that it will be very soon. Yummies, meet E Bella Designs by Nicole Linton, you can read all about it on their website. The abridged version is that she went to Peru, love it, and she became inspired to become a part of their cultural landscape. She founded E Bella, a fair trade and sustainable rug, throw, and pillow company. Fantastic designs, beautiful product and all made the right and fair way. E bella products are hot all over California and Colorado, and the company has been featured in some great mags like Interior Design, Elle Decor, Domino (RIP) MWDA has just discovered this fantastic collection and I am trying to do the non selfish thing by not keeping it to myself. Don't know where it will land in the ATL but keep your eyes out for it!

photos from E Bella Website

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