Friday, November 13, 2009

"The Funny Uncle" meets Rhoda Morgenstern

I love installations. This show house installation went really smoothly and was pretty much complete and done on the first day--including accessories! There was something about doing this show house that I really like, it's sort of like playing dress up. You can be whatever you want and portray whatever you feel like, this room was like dressing up for me. This time we decided to dress up like Rhoda Morgenstern (meets MWDA)! I have said in the past that I love working with developers, typically you have a lot of creative freedom. Developers just want the project done on time and in budget and they pretty much trust you to execute their objectives in your creative way. I have found that a show house is similar, except you are both the developer and designer. You have to execute your objective on time, on budget and creatively. Mark said that this is the room that the "funny uncle" stays in when he comes to visit, but the further along we got in our design the more we wanted to be the "funny uncle" and we wanted to stay there (in fact, we all agree that we would be beyond content to move into our guest house)! It started to become more Rhoda then Uncle, so we'll stick with that--because let's face it, no one wants to be the "funny" relative but everyone wants to be Rhoda. It really took on this collected and personal feeling, probably because a lot of things came from us personally. I am excited to say that our room is done and lovely, we are so happy with the solution and the feeling. I hope those of you that make it to the Christmas House, please make every effort to walk to the carriage house and check out our room upstairs! The Christmas House opens next week, November 14th and will be open through December 6th. You can get all the details as well as ticket information here!

Installation Day, boxes and bags and lamp shades oh my!

Bubble Wrap is my friend, he keeps things safe!
(like the amazing artwork borrowed from Emily Amy Gallery & accessories borrowed from Stanton Home)

Places places! I actually mapped all of this out on the floor with masking tape to make sure it was going to fit!

Some of my books take from my Library.

Mark and I found this old camera when we were out shopping one day, and my dad brought me this sketchbook of Paris after one of his trips...we like them together.

All sorts of fun things...

My favorite thing, this beautiful Hermes bicycle. I can't believe they let me borrow it!

Another shopping trip find, really cool vintage luggage.

Just a few more finishing touches.

Toasting to the completion of our first show house! Hooray!!!

To see more you are going to have to come check out the Christmas House!!!!!
Open November 14th through December 6th
Details here!!!


Things That Inspire said...

I can't wait to see it! I am going to get a preview of the house next week, so I can post about it and give the showhouse some publicity, and I will definitely make sure to see your space.

I absolutely love hearing about the inspiration behind your design. Often I wonder how designers approach showhouses - who is the client? Is there a make believe client? I am off to read more in the archives of your blog.

Niki Papadopoulos said...

Things That Inspire! I am so excited that you know about my blog! I love yours (your latest write up about Nancy Corzine was awesome!) No one ever leaves me comments so I was starting to think that no one ever read it!

I hope you enjoy your preview of the Christmas House, it is a beautiful house, a really nice size--not too big, and it feels really comfortable, like you could really live there. All of this years designers are fantastic, I think we are all on similar style wavelengths so the house doesn't feel disjointed. Sometimes I feel like show houses can feel a little random when so many different designers are involved, but in this house each space seems to compliment the next. I hope you enjoy it!!

Things That Inspire said...

Email me...would love to do a write up on your space and your firm...maybe you could give me a personal tour?

A reader told me about your blog last week! Let's get some people over here, you have a great writing style and a wonderful design perspective.

Terry said...

You borrowed from Emily Amy??? I saw all four of them in the gallery. Good choices.

Niki Papadopoulos said...

I did borrow from Emily! She was so generous to let me have whatever my heart desired! I love her gallery and I love her. She has amazing taste and some really talented artists.

Brilliant Asylum said...

Ohhh. I can't wait to see the Cecil Touchon & Paul Rousso pieces in person. They were beautiful at Emily Amy and I am sure they will be fabulous in your installation.

Claire Watkins, ASID allied said...

OHHHH I cannot wait to see your room Nikki! Looks fabulous, what fun!
Thanks so much for your comments on HighGlossBlue, thrilled to discover your blog & look forward to seeing more!


Things That Inspire said...

I saw your space in person yesterday, and loved it. I linked to this post on my review of the house today.

Niki Papadopoulos said...

TTI-Thank you so much! I'm glad you liked the house and our space in particular! It really is a beautiful house and I think all of the designers did an amazing job. I re-posted this so that if anyone comes from your page to mine they can get a sneak peak. Thank you again!

Anonymous said...

I toured the house yesterday. Niki your room was so fun! The Hermes bike really was the finishing touch. All the thoughtful accessories were well done. I really liked the sheepswool(or whatever)pillow shams. So soft!

By the way, I could build an addtion on my house with the money we have spent on pizza consumed at your husband's restaurant Athens Pizza! Yummy!! (One evening a group of our neighborhood 14 yr. old boys snuck out and WALKED down to the LaVista Rd. location! A parent spotted them on the way back! They were all grounded for weeks!)

Great blog.

Kristen W. in Atlanta

Niki Papadopoulos said...

Kristen W - I'm so glad you enjoyed the Christmas House & Athens Pizza! When I married Sandy, I gained about 20lbs instantly because I love our pizza!