Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Rhoda moved out

Oh how I will miss flying down West Wesley Road to that big beautiful blue house! I had gotten quite used to going up there once a week to change the flowers, fluff the pillows, see if we had sold anything, etc. I really should be focusing on getting my own house ready for the Holidays, but it just doesn't seem as fun. Anyway, as you should know, the Christmas House is officially closed. It was open for a fabulous 4 weeks, it was so well received with a fantastic turn-out--I am hoping we raised a great amount for the Alliance Children's Theater. Anyway, if you were not able to make it out to see the show house you really missed out, and to make you feel worse, here are the professional photos we had taken of our room by Lauren Rubinstein. She is amazing and so much fun and I am enamoured with these photos that she took of Rhoda's apartment!


Terry said...

Thanks for the pictures. I think it would be great if y'all could document the floor plan and all your design elements. (I love the fish in the glass box.) I talked with Emily Amy last week. She was honored that you used Mr. Touchon's and Mr. Rousso's collages from her gallery.

I'm impressed with the very first picture, how the collage effect is in the collage itself (which I've seen up close - it's very textured), the lamp, the mirror, the pillow, and the spread.

Niki Papadopoulos said...

Thanks Terry! We absolutely drew out a floor plan, I don't do any project without one. If I were to show up and the furniture didn't fit I would just die.

As for the fish, I love those silly little things! Unfortunately one was kidnapped.

Southern Aspirations said...

these photos are amazing! I am CRUSHED that I am missing all the house tours in Atlanta this year. Going forward, I will put them all on my work calendar and GO!

Things That Inspire said...

Your room was beautiful, and these pictures are lovely. I ended up going to the showhouse 3 times! I saw new things every time I visited.