Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Experiment gone wrong...

So I had fully planned to document our first show house experience and it just got away from me. I had really good intentions and filling you in along the way but it just didn't happen like I had planned--and neither did our room--all I will say is thank goodness I looked at the November issue of AH&L. But now it is X-Mas House time and I am in the throws of stress, paint, and a $4,000 bicycle. I am literally leaving the office to go paint, that's right, Mark and I are painting our own room...this should make for an interesting afternoon. I am fully committed to our design and I really am excited about it, I am hoping it will turn out as lovely in person as it is in my head, you'll have to let me know. Anyway, here is a teaser of what's going on in our space, and check the Yummy Scrumptious Facebook page and my profile for mobile uploads, I'll try to get in another couple of posts this week so you can see the insanity!

I love myself a sequin!

If I had a bicycle, I would want it to be this one from Hermes.

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Mary said...

Hello, How do I get in touch with you? There is no email or contact info listed .. please advise .. thanks .. Mary. Please contact me maryregency at gmail dot com