Monday, April 13, 2009

Vokda & Baccarat

I am decidedly a vodka drinker and there are really only two different kinds that I drink. One of them being Grey Goose. So imagine my delight when my friend Lissette told me about this beautifully designed Grey Goose Vodka and Baccarat Crystal Gift Set. It's the most beautiful way to have a cocktail, all you need is some ice and a lime. I am in love with the amazing attention to detail and the exquisite packaging of this gift set--the color of the case, the stitching, down to the damn goose on the zipper, and I want one (wink wink!) This beautiful design is meant to re-position the brand as a luxury item, which it should be because it's good vodka, but pairing it with two Baccarat lead crystal tumblers just about pushes me over the edge.

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