Monday, October 4, 2010

Good Drapes

Designers love drapery and let me explain why. We are aware that it can possibly be the most expensive and time consuming part of your project, but what they add to a space it worth the wait. I don't care if you get off the shelf panels (which I have done--no shame in that--Restoration Hardware & Pottery Barn seem to have the best options) with simple in-stock hardware, just get them. I personally prefer a layer of sheers as well, they let in the softest and most ethereal, filtered light. Drapery is not just there to look pretty and block out the sun when you are getting your beauty rest, the does have a specific application from a design theory perspective. Imagine your room of furniture, almost everything, with a few exceptions (floor lamps, armoire, etc.) is about the same height. I would estimate that about 80% of your furniture does not exceed 48" in height--and that's where drapery comes in. What about the other 4' feet of space until you hit the ceiling? (assuming we are talking about 8' foot ceilings) If you a look around, you will see that most of your furniture is right around the same height, think about that in terms of planes. One plane is your floor, the second most obvious is your ceiling, the third (and less obvious) is the top of the majority of your furniture. So what unites these planes? DRAPERY!!! They add a vertical element that unifies a space, something that passes through each layer of your room and pulls it all together. That is why, from a design theory standpoint, they are important. SO GO AND GET SOME!

These were custom made, perfect installation. This is what I use for all drapery vendors as an example of the look I am constantly trying to achieve. Not too much puddle at the bottom, just a nice clean break with a crisp pleat at the top and simple hardware.

Again, custom made, but here in this photo you can see exactly the type of "unification" I am talking about.

Same project, more examples.

The above three images are all from a townhouse model. We used all off the shelf drapery here--I believe it was from Pottery Barn. So you can see, even store bought drapes do their job.


mydesignchic said...

Draperies are the jewelry of the room to me...that finishing touch!!

Yummy Scrumptious said...

i agree!

Sarah said...

I adore drapes and add them to every window I can. Lately I have been wanting to add drapes with pattern which is bold for me but I am excited about.

Erin Lindsay said...

Where are those green pillows from? LOVE!

D.H.Thomas said...

Love the 4 th photo down ! Where can i get that area rug?? LOOOVE it !