Monday, January 17, 2011

5 Things I Heart - Jason Moattar Edition

I heart Jason Moattar. I love his sister too, but today we are hearing from my favorite go to rug guy. Let me just say, that I call on Moattar Ltd. for a lot of favors and they always deliver. Jason, Andrea, Kendra, Matt, and Koda always pull it together and make it work for me and I truly appreciate it. Business aside, let's talk shop. Jason has great style and his list of 5 things is an obvious example of that--to me it's an ultimate guy list with a gay twist, hot girls, hot cars, and great eye cream. Here are 5 things Jason hearts:

Marrakesh Rug from Moattar Ltd. Handmade in India, this piece is so sophisticated and stylish. Shades of slate blues, grays and khakis make this piece a perfect anchor for any transitional or modern environment. We just placed a 12x15 in one of Mark and Niki's client's homes! Available exclusively through Moattar Ltd.

Sisley Baume Efficace. Always a lover of a good eye gel, this is one of the best. Clear gel is perfect for morning, it sucks out all the evidence from a night of debauchery! A little pricey but it lasts forever, available through Saks Fifth Avenue or anywhere that sells Sisley.

Keen Hiking Boots. These boots are just awesome hiking boots but can be completely stylish as a casual day/night on the town. Heavy enough for the a long hike through the Appalachian and cool enough to pair with a thermal and some jeans. Available through Dicks Sporting Goods or here.

Jennifer Lopez for Gucci. Jennifer is one of the greatest beauties of our time as well as a fashion leader. These new Gucci ads showcase a softer side of Lopez posing with her children while still possessing the sexiness only she can deliver.

Porsche Panamera. The new 4 door Panamera is a perfect blend of Porsche power and styling with the added luxury (and space) of a sports sedan. Rated #1 in its class by Edmunds, the Panemera fits four good size men with some luggage. Even the riders in the back feel like they are controlling the cockpit with heated/cooled quad-climate control technology. *Side note, I love this car too and Jason has one. When I saw him drive up in it I swooned.*


Things That Inspire said...

The rug for my new family room came from Moattar - it is one of the most beautiful rugs I have ever seen! It is 'living' at Suzanne's office storage until the house is ready, but it makes me happy every time I see it. I just hope my dog doesn't throw up on it some day!

I need to check out those hiking boots. I have an old pair (used for hiking in Colorado) that I now use as my construction site boots, and they are in bad shape...

Yummy Scrumptious said...

They have such beautiful rugs, I love everything I have ever used from them!