Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Christmas in July (or August--tomato/tomaato)

So Mark and I are excited to announce that we are doing our first Show House! We are so excited to be participating in the Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles (love them) Annual Christmas House benefiting the Alliance Children's Theater! It is an amazing house designed by architect William T. Baker and it is located on West Wesley Road. We are working on a guest bedroom in the guest house off of the main house and just so thrilled to be invited to participate! The room does present it's challenges, it is small-ish and has a few quirky elements that we will have to get creative with but overall I am just so excited! We have been so lucky to have help from some amazing showrooms all over Atlanta and I am so ready to get cracking on this design, it's a nice distraction from work that pays the bills and studying for the NCIDQ. Anyways, you can get more information at the official Christmas House Website and stay tuned, I am sure I will have some more blog posts about this, in fact, I might make it my Yummy project for the next couple of months, we'll see!

The Show House...Sooooo Beautiful.
It has a very Northeastern feeling to me, very Main.

Our Room!

I need to think of something fun to do with this windown seat

Must love akward ceiling conditions!

Must come down. Immediatly.

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Blue said...

Awkward room but that just means you and Mark will do something even more fab than usual. Thank for recc on Facebook. R told me about it.