Friday, August 7, 2009

Get to Work Generation X-Z

After waiting and waiting, Knoll finally launched their new task chair, Generation. I went to the launch party last week and I must say, I was really there to just pop in and make an appearance. I don't get to specify this type of product very often so I wasn't all that excited, I didn't really care to be honest. I must say I was totally blown away! I feel a little dorky to be so excited about a task chair but it is totally awesome! It is super adjustable, very comfortable, and very stylish. I want green and white ones for our office immediately! You can check out the chair and see how awesome it is at totally worth it! Thanks Knoll for developing a chair that responds to my generation and the way we work, and for making it super stylish!

Chair line up in the beautiful Knoll showroom

I wasn't really dressed for the party so I made
Natalie take a picture in the chair!

Natalie, Tracy & I got to take our picture in the
chair and they turned it into this cute ad. I love it!

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