Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I heart paint!

Like I said previously, I had every intention of documenting our design process from start to finish for the Christmas House. Unfortunately it just didn't work out the way I planned, life got in the way. But it's not like I can't tell you about it now! This year's Christmas House is truly lovely, this week I plan on doing another post about some special things in our room and the installation process. Anyway, back to why I heart paint. This was really my first painting experience and I think I might love it! I can't pretend like I was thrilled about painting in the beginning. Let's face it, typically I hire someone to do this for us, but I was low on budget and really low on time. So it was up to MWDA to just work it out. I (and every other designer) have always said, painting is the easiest and quickest way to change a room and it's so true. If you look back at my previous post about the Christmas House you can see we started with just plain white walls, a perfect bare canvas. All I have to say is I love our walls, they remind me of a luxurious cashmere color, something you just want to wrap yourself in. I also must rave about our paint, we used Porter Paints for the first time and it was fantastic. We could have done 1 coat and it would have been sufficient, it covered really well and just worked out beautifully, see for yourself!

At least by the time I got there, Mark had already "cut" around the trim. Supposedly that is a technical term, again, I'm a beginner.

Our paint from porters! We were careful not to get any on our lovely floors. But I got plenty on myself. Did you know that a little hand sanitizer gets paint off of just about anything!

I was excited that when I rolled the top of the paint cans it produced perfect polka-dots.

I was in charge of painting the closet.

I know it looks like Mark is doing the majority of the work, but I painted as far as I could reach, he had to do the rest!

Finished just in time, they were about to lock us in! Isn't the color yummy!?!?

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Things That Inspire said...

It looks wonderful! For future reference, email me if you want the names of THE most reasonable painters in Atlanta. This is not a spam post - I just feel your pain for having to do the painting yourself!