Thursday, November 18, 2010

Design Wisdom

A brief history lesson: Athena, the Goddess of war, civilization, strength, skill, justice, and most importantly wisdom. He sidekick is an owl, she is almost always pictured with one and many sculptures of her have one included (including the giant 8' sculpture of her in our restaurant, Athens Pizza.) Lately I have noticed owls making a resurgence in the design world, specifically in home accessories and jewelry...YUMMM! I have jumped on this trend and incorporated some owls in our Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles Christmas House design (AH&L Christmas House Open November 26th-December 12th--come check it out!) you will have to come see it and try to find where I hid them! Here are some owl accessories that I love right now:

This is a copy of a Greek coin with Athena's owl, I can't count how many I have in some form or fashion, I know I have a pendant or two for sure.

Lovely lamp from West Elm, I really like that the owl is simple and clean and white, can't go wrong with white...ever.

Owl apron from Anthropologie, if I knew how to cook I would wear this...I might just wear it for effect.

Kind of cute in a weird funny way, I do like this owl tea set for some reason. It's from VivaTerra...there is something strange about it that I am drawn to.

Super yummy hardware also from Anthropologie, you can feel smart every time you open a drawer.

Super adorable owl pillows I found on Etsy made by Hilary Cosgrove.

Any my favorite, a great holiday gift (are you listening Sandy?) The "Fantastical Tale" owl bangles from Marc by Marc Jacobs, available at Nordstroms.

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