Monday, November 29, 2010

Party in the Club(room)

Throughout my design career I have done a fair amount for work for Multi-Family developers and worked on several buildings all over the country. Every time we get to design a clubroom I get really excited because I get to make a functional yet stylish space that is inviting and durable. When MidCity lofts came to MWDA to bid on updating the building we were so excited. Not only do several clients and friends live there, but we love the building. Over the past 2 years we have gone floor by floor making improvements (lobby is next, fingers crossed)and just finished their clubroom, Sky, which has amazing views of Atlanta. Sky needed some love because the original plan and furniture didn't really suit the way homeowners wanted to use the space-so we ripped it all out and created something new! Mark and I love zones, breaking space up with furniture to create places to gather that have specific functions. In Sky we did the same thing. We created a "Library" zone for smaller groups of people to gather which is really inviting as you enter Sky. We created an enormous bar and dining zone that will easily accommodate large groups for parties, or smaller groups for sit down dinners. Next we created a larger seating group with a custom sofa that acts as seating or perching along the back, perfect for cocktail parties. And finally a game zone with a table perfect for poker or whatever and giant chaise lounges to curl up in. I hope you enjoy but more importantly I hope the lovely homeowners at MidCity Lofts enjoy!

Along with this post, because they go so well together, is the debut of my new Yummy Scrumptious logo! Thank you to Jeff Corey and Impact Design Works for all of his work, I love it!


Robert F. Crocker said...

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mackyton said...

Good to hear about your party! It's really a nice place and you have set it up with innovative ideas. Me and my friends want to have a dance party and are looking for lofty spaces. Have shortlisted few spaces but yet to decide a final venue.