Tuesday, April 19, 2011

5 Things I Heart - Hillary Linthicum Edition

My lovely friend Hillary is a rock star, if the Atlanta Design Family had a "scholarship program" she would be Miss Congeniality. She's cool, smart, and rocks the house working with the ever fabulous Bill Peace at Peace Design. She is also the co-founder of Design Collective, a grassroots (Hillary & Capella's roots) effort to connect all of Atlanta's creative types in the design community and promote and support one another. I have gotten to know Hillary over the past year and I just adore her, so naturally I knew I would love her 5 things, I know you will too!

1st Dibs
Michael Bruno is simply a genius! We are now connected to the best of everything, all over the world. Whenever I need a little inspiration, this is my first stop…I just love to browse all categories; fashion, design, jewelry, etc. It is amazing how a vintage Dior dress can send your mind down the path of creating a room for the woman who wears that dress…I love designing in that stream of consciousness sort of way.


We are so fortunate to have a gallery like Lumiere here in Atlanta. Bob and Tony have created such a wonderful environment for the medium (photography.) Visiting one of their exhibits or artists talks leaves you feeling educated and inspired

Gramercy Home

I truly do not know how I did bedding for clients or bought the perfect gift for a friend before this shop opened! I LOVE everything about what they are doing. Added bonus – Jennie, Cam and their staff are the best in the business when it comes to customer service.

Lamp Bergere
I received mine as a gift years ago and I just adore it! They are better than any candle out there and they help purify the air while making the room smell amazing.
(in Atlanta, you can find them at the fabulous Paris on Ponce)

Outer Banks, NC
The Outer Banks was our family vacation spot for 15 years and when I returned recently I wondered if all those fond memories were just because I was a kid on vacation. Nope. Everything I remember loving about it was still there (albeit with a few more restaurants but that happens!). Definitely my happy place.


Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

We are reminded here of Rupert Brooke's poem 'These I have loved...' which is a favourite of ours. Perhaps you know it too.

Capella Kincheloe Interior Design said...

Hillary IS awesome.

Yummy Scrumptious said...

JLH - I am not familiar with that poem but I will look it up for sure!

Capella - she is fabulous and so are you, I think you should do a 5 things list for me!