Friday, May 6, 2011

5 Things I Heart - Dustin Hatley Edition

I can't count on one hand the reasons why I heart Dustin. He makes me laugh like no other and is simply the fiercest man on the Atlanta Luxury Bath Scene. He has incredible taste, personal style, and can deliver the quintessential quippy/witty/snarky/bitchy/hilarious one liners like no one I know. Personally I feel like I am a little bit cooler when I am with him, and the fact that I know all of his 5 things (and where to get them) puts me a little bit ahead of the curve. For instant sexy, purchase or visit any of the following items or places:

Empire State South – Elegant Clean Classic Southern D├ęcor and Amazing food.

The Ryder Chair from Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams – Modern, Hip and Sexy!

Raimond Light by Moooi – Perfect Sphere of Stainless Steel with tiny LED lights, creates the appearance of a Starry Night

Henry Exposed Tub Filler with Legs in Unlacquered Brass by Waterworks – It is stunning in proportion and scale, and would make a statement in any bathroom. I loved the exposed untreated Brass that will patina and age adding more color and character over time.

Altar Table and Bench from Verde Home – uses all carefully selected pieces of reclaimed of Teak to create a clean natural finish

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Kent said...

Love the Mitchell Gold Chair