Monday, May 23, 2011

May Mixology

I don't know about the rest of you, but May is insanely packed with social obligations. It's as if everyone woke up on the same day and decided it was time to celebrate something. I literally have some sort of commitment every day in May--which makes me even more desperate for a cocktail to get through it.

I first posted my theory on Mixology in the Interior Design universe like 2 years ago--read it here--I feel like it still applies. As a designer I am constantly mixing, old and new, existing with additional, pretty and ugly (more then you would think.) But that's the game, if you don't mix different styles, eras, colors, it all seems sterile and blah. So, to satisfy my need for fabulous furniture and a drink, here are my latest cocktail-esque inspirations. This time we are talking side tables.

I don't know why, but sometimes I feel like finding the perfect side table can be the most frustrating part of a project. It must be the right size, the right height, the right finish, and I often feel like I am constantly searching for the right side table on every single project, and half the time no one even notices it--until they set a drink on it.

Harlow Side Table from Bungalow 5

Super Dirty Vodka Martini.
This table is sexy. But when you put Shagreen on anything it instantly becomes sexy.
Shagreen+"Dirty"+Bronze+Vodka+3 legs+Russia (b/c of the Vodka)=Sexy
Antique Bronze and Shagreen Circular Side Table available through Belvedere

Skinnygirl Margarita
Because it's less cheesy then a regular margarita and there is no mini-umbrella.
This table is whimsical and unexpected when used in the right place. If you put it in a hotel in the Bahamas--more expected.
Seahorse Side Table by Noir

St. Germain with Champagne
This is a super fem table and the copper color just adds to that. A feminine table deserves a dangerous yet delicious cocktail--exactly what St. Germain with Champagne happens to be. It tastes and smells so good that you can't help but keep drinking, and drinking.
Oppiacei Table available through Design Within Reach

Ice Cold Beer.
It's made of steel, it's white, it's laser cut, it's awesome.
The Ginger Salt Side Table from Crate and Barrel

Tequila Shots.
This table is awesome and so is Tequila.
Stone Egg Side Table available on 1st Dibs from Lewis Trimble

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Erin Elizabeth said...

I agree the Ginger Salt table is so awesome! Great finds here:)