Friday, June 10, 2011

5 Things I Heart - Ben Collins Edition

I heart Ben Collins...I feel like I start every 5 things post that way but I really do love him (not that I don't love the rest but you know what I mean!) Ben is part owner in Mitchell Gold+Bob Williams in Atlanta, Nashvegas, and Dallas. He travels all the time and it makes me sad because I don't get to see him as much as I would like. But he's a super cute, ultra savvy businessman who has great taste and serious southern charm. Here are his 5 things:

1. My new Billy Reid Duffle...Its a great looking white canvas duffle perfect for summer travel......and when it gets completely dirty from all of my abuse, I plan to dye it a nice grey for Fall. Everything that Billy does is fantastic. He truly make "country" look cool and hip.

2. The new Woodrow Collection from Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams. Made from reclaimed wood, you can know that you are being environmentally responsible while getting a great look. The clean lines of the piece mixed with the reclaimed wood top makes it a great fit for any space! The console and cocktail tables retail for $1120 and the side for $680. The new collection will hit the showroom and the website in August.

3. The non profit Room Service Atlanta....Local Atlanta designers, Dayka Robinson and Erika Ward, have founded a non profit that helps homeless and those less fortunate "get back on their feet". Through donations, and with the help of other local Atlanta designers, these women are furnishing and decorating spaces for those in need. Its truly an amazing organization.

4. My Imogene + Willie jeans.....they are hand made in Nashville TN. You actually are fitted in the shop and wait for them to be hemmed. Great jeans and an incredible shopping experience. It feels like you have taken a step back in time when you walk into their shop.

5. Online home mags.....when traveling it so nice to have my airbook and not have to lug around 20 magazines for a flight. There are so many great online mags to choose of my favorites is Trad Home.


Erika Ward said...

OMG, Thank you Ben for the mention! We are so grateful to have your support and new found friendship. Thanks for spotlighting a superstar, Niki. We look forward to getting to know Ben as well as you do!

Dayka Robinson said...

I got a chance to know Ben when MGBW partnered with RSA and I can see why you love him! He's got a pretty keen business acumen, too. It's great to see RSA featured as one of his top 5--thanks for the mention, Ben :)