Friday, June 24, 2011

June Mixology

It's that time of summer when all I want is something cold and refreshing, preferably spiked while lounging by a pool with someone to keep refilling my glass. I often refer to my backyard as "the jungle" because it is, and one day it won't be because I will actually get down to business and landscape that beast, but one thing it does have is a pool with really comfortable sun beds. I am all in favor of mesh over cushions (less maintenance) because they are easy to clean and always look tailored and tidy. Here are some of my favorites, and what I would be drinking if I was in one.

The Barrow Lounger from West Elm & Lemon Fanta with Vodka
If you don't know about Lemon Fanta, it's amazing and hard to find.
Love this lounger because it's got clean lines but that back wheel is like a Fanta Happiness Bubble.

The 405 Chaise Lounge from Room & Board with a Blueberry-Jalapeno Margarita
This lounge is made from 100% post industrial/consumer recycled plastic (that means it's super "green")
Love the shape, even though it is a bit boxy, it also comes in some really great colors and will never warp or looks comfortable enough to get faded in...HAHA!

The Leaf Chaise by Dedon & Prosecco
It's beautiful and Prosecco is delicious.

Sirocco Chaise by Brown Jordan & Corona
This lounge is simple but can be pumped up with frame color options and different mesh fabrics. I want to sit in it and pitch back a Corona, or 6.

Alize Sunlounger by Fermob & St. Germain with Soda
I have loved Fermob for years, they have the whole color thing down and were the first to do it. All the colors are so fun and bright and this ample lounge chair just beckons to be laid on like St. Germain begs to be sipped.


Blue said...

A Perfect Manhattan would be the thing when lounging on any of these!

lala said...

These are all lovely, wish I had them all by my pool! Of course, with all those drinks involved, I'd end up face down in the grass anyway ;o)

Yummy Scrumptious said...

face down in the grass, in the backyard is better then face down in the front yard!

Emily Amy Gallery said...

What a fun post! The Leaf Chaise is my favorite.

Erica said...

Fun post!

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blue fruit said...

Ah, such a deliciously decadent summer thing to lie by the pool in a sun lounge, preferably with a yummy cocktail close to hand. These are just the thing for looking stylish while one rests!