Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Things I Heart <3 <3 <3

It's time for another installment of things I heart right this very minute. I am heart-ing quite a few things right now but these are the ones that are currently making me happy! Be sure and leave a comment with the things you heart right now!

#1. Charley Harper's ABC's & 123's. I think these books are just fantastic. I love the style and simplicity and killer mid-century modern feeling. I also love that "P" is for Penguin! I would be happy to give them as a baby gift but I would be even more excited to get them for myself! He has a fantastic collection of all different books that you can easily find on Amazon...right here.

#2. So this isn't entirely related to interior design, but it's hysterically fabulous none the less. It's my chicken purse!!! Praise be to my friend Steve who discovered this little treasure! I am in love with this purse and he loves me back. Totally not practicle because it really doesn't hold much and the zipper is only like 6" so getting my hand in and out is enough of a challenge, but he's just so fantastic. I think he needs to be studded with swarovski crystals immediatly.

#3. I was pretty devastated that I was unable to go to the famous Scott's Antique Market this past weekend but I was just too sick to go, plus the weather really wasn't doing me any favors. But I swear I am going next month, it's not an option. One thing I love about events like this is you can find the coolest stuff. Here are some antique chemist's bottles that we somehow came into our possession and I just love them!

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