Friday, March 27, 2009


I am loving all of the bright colors I am seeing this spring/summer. I feel like it is done strategically because people are generally feeling down about our whole economic situation. Regardless, I heart what I am seeing and if it's intention is to brighten my day, then it's working. I have to say right now my favorite color is a fresh mint green. The photo above is of a kitchen that MWDA designed for a private residence in Atlanta. We went with this amazing bright mint green for the back splash. We chose do use sheets of back painted glass to create a very smooth and sleek effect while still adding a punch of vibrant color. We recently were awarded Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles Magazine's 2009 Kitchen of the year for this kitchen and we are very proud. Here are some more examples of this fantastic color and how to apply it.

The Prince Charles Chair from Modernica. The chair alone is brilliant, such a great combination of two classics. The chair is beautiful, obviously, but I l.o.v.e. the color. This fresh green makes me so happy and I now want it immediately!

I love pretty hardware, it's such an easy fix to update any piece of furniture or cabinetry. I am desperate for this mint green knob. Anthropologie has really great finds for the home. Fun linens, dishes, accessories, all sorts of great stuff. But I love that they have these fantastic vintage inspired hardware collections. Really beautiful pieces that can make a huge impact on some less then amazing furniture.

I always say that accessories are a great way to introduce color into any space. It's much easier to move them around and trade them out when you get bored or need to refresh your space. Mark and I have been in love with Baccus bottles lately. Their color and shape is fantastic but they can be expensive. But these great little bottles from West Elm are a great way to get a similar effect. Beautiful mint green color and adorable shape.

If you aren't familiar with SMEG then you need to be. They make these delicious 50's style refrigerators. They come in a variety of colors and have such a petite scale (60"x24") you can't help but want to crawl inside one. Again their colors are so yummy, I want to lick them. They aren't inexpensive but the amount of personality they can add to any kitchen is phenomenal.

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