Thursday, May 21, 2009


So a few months ago I submitted something to ASID's Icon Magazine and they published it! So excited! Anyway, ASID stands for the American Society of Interior Designers and it is a fantastic organization. I am so glad to be a part of it and I love how they are always acknowledging their actual members instead of just "big name" designers. Thanks ASID!

To quote myself (because it's so tiny you can't read it...scanners suck...)
"I LOVE WALLPAPER and use it as often as possible in my designs. From something as simple as silk in a master bedroom to add warmth and depth, to a whimsical bubble patter in the laundry room of a dorm building, the patterns and textures of wall coverings have come a long way in recent years."

Regarding the AMAZING print from Flavor Paper, I said....
"Flavor Paper products are brilliant. Their patterns are fun and sassy and their color schemes are fantastic; some are detailed and ornate, while others are just fun."

The pattern above is beautiful print from Flavor Paper called Kashmiri, color: Stone and it was designed by Tibi for Flavor Paper. Check our their website to see some of their really awesome patters, including one that is scratch and sniff (that's right, scratch and sniff!)

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