Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Whatever, Whenever

So I finally made my way down to the new, beautiful W Hotel Downtown. I think I am still a bit undecided how I feel about it. I was invited to a party at Wet Bar which is on the 16th floor, pool level. First of all, Bliss Spa is located on that floor, so when I walked off the elevator I was enveloped by this amazing spa smell so I was automatically in a fantastic mood. Wet Bar was lovely, very cute, very fresh with amazing views of downtown Atlanta. I think my only issue with the whole Wet Bar/Pool configuration, is the fact that you really can't layout. Because the pool is on the 16th floor, there is a roof over it and so you wouldn't really get much sun. That makes me sad.

After the party I went back downstairs and took a closer look at the lobby. I love the whole enchanted forest idea, but I feel like it wasn't executed fully. I wish they had been a little bit more literal. Anyway, I do give whoever did it props because it is very lovely. The space is not as large as one would imagine but the volume of the space is really amazing. I love whatever it is falling from the ceiling (birds, leaves, or whatever.) One thing I am not crazy about is the mix of metals. Chrome, bronze, brushed aluminum, none of those really say "enchanted forest" to me. I would have loved to see more bronze, aged bronze, you know, a little bit crunchy. However, I am crazy about the entrance, these big green "reeds" as if you are finding your way through the forest. Anyway, here are some photos, let me know what you think.

Exterior with the signature "W"

Hotel Entrance, Love it .

Living Room Lounge, I think it's an Enchanted Forest.

Birds or Leaves or something going on in the Enchanted Forest

Wet, Hotel Pool on the 16th Floor

Wet Bar (awesome 3-Form panels!)

Wet Bar Lounge with a beautiful view of Atlanta

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