Thursday, May 7, 2009

Oooooo Baby!

One of my dearest friends just had a baby (Congratulations Yiota!) and I started to think about what is out there in terms of attractive, modern, baby furniture. I have always been the youngest out of all of my friends, yet I was the one who got married first. They have all beat me to the punch as far as kids are concerned (which I am totally OK with!) But after going to shower after shower and seeing the same things over and over in major market retailers I started to become a bit concerned. Obviously first and foremost would be safety and quality, that goes without saying. Originally when I looked at some of the major market retailers I was a bit disappointed. Everything looked like some sort of sleigh bed, but when I started looking deeper I found some really beautiful things! I am now all about Posh Tots ( I mean as if the name wasn't enough but they also have a contemporary section!) and All Modern Baby. I found some really fabulous cribs that I would love to have in a nursery one day (one day FAR FAR in the future!) Anyway, I want my future kid to be stylish, I mean who doesn't, and if you lay their soft little heads to sleep in any of these cribs it's almost a guarantee!Oeuf Crib (also available with a birch finish)

DucDuc Alex Crib (decal optional, also available in orange)

DucDuc Morgan Crib (a little more transitional)

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