Tuesday, May 5, 2009

"So, what does your house look like?"

As a designer this is a question we get all the time, really, all the time. Well my house is not even close to being "done" I am only 25 and I do not have the funds, time, energy, patience, etc to get my house looking the way I imagine it will one day. But I am totally OK with that. I feel like a home is made that way over time. I feel like it's important to collect, save and splurge, it's like a good wardrobe, it comes together piece by piece. Sometimes if you do it all at once and aren't careful it will be too trendy, too current, and look too shiny and new. Mark has taken the time to cultivate the design of his home and it has turned out beautiful. It is a collection that has taken years to establish, full of mid-century flair, family antiques, Italian modernism and just things he loves (including some awesome artwork!) His place is really a testament to his ability and sense of style. So, here is where one of Atlanta's "Top 10 Under 40" kicks off his shoes and lets his hair down. Enjoy!

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