Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Bath of the Year!

I am so excited and so proud that one of our projects won the Bath of the Year contest put on by Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles! This was actually the very first project that Mark really let me work on with him. I did all of the construction documents, selections, and managed the process. I am really so proud of this project because it was my first that I felt like was really mine. We really wanted to create a space that our clients could enjoy and if you were to have seen it before it was just hideous--it was very out dated, poorly planned out and didn't meet any of they needs. We wanted to create a spa-like retreat that still felt masculine with some very specific and personalized touches. For example, all of the dark wood millwork was designed custom for the client to meet their storage needs. This client also cultivates orchids and we created an orchid bath for them between the shower and the bathtub. Here the orchids can get the filtered light they crave and they can be watered and maintained easily by the hand shower right around the corner. This project was really all about the client, and of course it always is, but because their space was so unfortunate to begin with we really wanted to make this a beautiful place for them. Like Mark says in the article, "it was the space the couple liked least but had to use the most, with simple reorientation of space, it is their favorite now." Anyway, pick up a copy of the July Issue of Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles and flip to page 22 to see the article! You can also flip to page 27 to see a little blurb about a bath we designed at Plaza Towers, and you can flip to page 47 to see me!


Rory said...

Congratulations Niki! The bathroom is beautiful and you deserve all the press you are getting!

Blue said...

Wonderful bathroom and as stylish as I expect from you.

Anonymous said...

Congrats Niki! you deserve it! I love the last shot too ;)